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A Story of Love for Sealife

Who doesn’t like a good story? How about a true one including overcoming tragedy? Find out what changed the life of owner, Wes Haws, after a tragic accident.

It was 2010. Wes was in Ethiopia as part of a global project to build dome houses. One morning, Wes left his house prepared to go about the day’s work including plotting the boundaries of a nearby field.

As he went about the task, he suddenly felt an explosive pain in his skull. A young orphaned villager wielding an axe attacked Wes as he worked. Two Ethiopian workers who had followed Wes to the field that day saw the incident occur and retrieved him, getting him safely back to his community where his wife and neighbors rallied to save his life.

The closest hospital was too far of a drive. But plane transportation was at least a two hour wait. They had no choice. Arranging air transportation, the group did what they could to staunch the bleeding in the meantime—though they were all prepared for the worst when Wes’s blood pressure dropped dangerously low.

Finally, their plane arrived. But it would take them several hours to get to their destination—a hospital equipped to handle the level of injury Wes had sustained. Somehow, in spite of everything, Wes survived.

As he recovered, Wes was engaged by an aquarium in his room which he says brought him comfort. Learning about different species of fish and creating coral reefs occupied both his time and his mind during the long weeks of rehabilitation.

Today Wes strives to pass his appreciation for aquatic life on to others. With an aim to inspire as well as educate, Wes hopes that Blue Zoo will not only provide access to sea life but also teach future generations about the importance of marine conservation.


What are People Saying About BlueZoo?!

My 9 year old daughter wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up! Just 1 visit to your amazing aquarium opened this girl up to a world she hadn't seen before and ignited a passion!! Thank you!


So excited to go check this place out with my kiddos!


Great for the grandkids. Best staff I’ve ever encountered.


A new exciting family friendly place to learn, explore, and see beautiful creatures!


The Blue Zoo is awesome. I love everything about it.


My family went this past Sunday it was an awesome day. My grandkids loved it especially the stingray tank. They are so sweet we for sure will be going again!!!! 


If your kids love animals, this is a wonderful place to go!


This was SO much fun! We have a BIG aquarium in our hometown (SLC) and we enjoyed this so much more! Me and my 3 yo could have spent all day here!


There were so many interactive things to do. We also enjoyed the helpful staff that provided informative tidbits about all the animals. The bird house was definitely our favorite and where we spent most of our time. We can’t wait to come back again! 


It was amazing the kids had a blast! They got to touch stingrays, starfish, little fishes that tickle your hand, tortoise and feed birds! So cool! Plus they saw sharks, fish, an octopus and lizards. So much to do there! They loved the play structure and didn't want to leave. All in all great experience, fantastic staff, can't wait to go back. Highly recommend.


I literally cannot wait for Blue Zoo Aquarium to open up in OKC! My boys are going to love it!


Such a fun experience. The rays are happy little sea puppies and the birds were beautiful. All the staff were friendly and attentive. I'll definitely be coming back. 


We will be getting passes. This place is amazing.


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